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Go Llama Tours is an artistic Peruvian tour company created by Daniel Jara Haro. With over 20 years of travel experience, we offer personalized Peruvian tours that give you an exciting journey through an artist’s perspective. Let us be your guide to the rich history of Peru, it’s wondrous and diverse landscapes, and the people who define its origins.


My name is Daniel Jara Haro. I am Peruvian, a jewelry artist, a passionate world traveler and the founder and guide for Go Llama Tours…

Go Llama Tour Guide Daniel Jara Haro

…I was born in Tingo Maria, Peru – a small town in the mountainous region of the Amazon rainforest. I am a jewelry artist by trade, a very passionate traveler, and the owner and creator of Go Llama Tours. I have been traveling Peru, South America and others parts of the world for almost 20 years. I’ve spent much of my time in Peru visiting its bountiful archaeological sites and discovering and traversing its magical landscapes – the mountains, jungles, waterfalls, and beaches. Now, after all these years of traveling and experiencing what makes this land so incredible, I only wish to share these discoveries with others. I started Go Llama Tours as a means to share my love for my country and its culture with others through personalized Peruvian tours. My tours offer an experience that focuses on showing you Peru in an artistic way, from an artist’s perspective.

I believe that traveling can truly shape your perspective and allow you to see the world in a new way. With each new sacred temple discovered, each new dish tasted, and each new philosophy shared, we begin to experience the beauty and diversity that makes stepping into a new world such a remarkable experience. With Go Llama Tours, I can share all the beauty of Peru I have discovered and the knowledge I have gained with those who wish to see it for themselves.

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